About Me

Healthyranking.com is a personal SEO blog owned and managed by Peter Krysik.

My name is Peter Krysik, I’m a Toronto-based entrepreneur who was forced to learn search engine optimization in order to keep my local business afloat. After doing it for long enough, I’ve been able to cement my online presence for my service area, providing me and my family a reliable income.

I’ve since helped other businesses achieve similar results with consulting or working on their online presence by using what I’ve learned. It’s a great feeling to be able to help other small business owners to achieve their goals while doing something I’m so passionate about.

I’ve been studying the effects of Search Engine Optimization on websites for close to 10 years. I’ve always been passionate about how search engines, specifically Google, works to discover and understand the relevance and quality of billions of websites.

In some ways, I think of the internet to be a lot like our universe, always expanding and often seemingly limitless. It’s a huge feat to take on the task of mapping every web page and it’s an even bigger feat to understand each of those pages.

I love the idea of creating a portfolio of websites that provide valuable information to people across numerous industries. Knowing how to get organic traffic to these kinds of websites has the promise of being financially rewarding.

Whether you want to display advertisements or make product recommendations, there are always creative ways that you can be rewarded for the hard work of putting this information together and making it visible for people who are looking for it.

In my spare time, I read and take notes. I’ve filled at least a dozen notebooks with my thoughts and findings. If you came up to me on any given day and asked me what I’m working on, I’d tell you to put on a pot of coffee and to get comfortable.

I have numerous tests and websites I’m working on at any given moment, and I’m tracking the results of my efforts. I love to study and I love to share my findings. Be sure to add my on twitter or subscribe to my blog, as I’ll push out a notification to anyone who is willing to lend an ear to what I have to say!