About Me

Healthy Ranking is a personal SEO blog owned and managed by Peter.

I started learning Search Engine Optimization to bring traffic to my local service business. Once I figured that out, I wanted to learn more about niche sites and affiliate marketing. My greatest resource for learning SEO was producing my own websites, testing various methods, and seeing which changes made the most impact.

I found that keyword research is my favourite part of doing SEO. I have spent enough time learning about keyword research that I’ve becomes very good at choosing keywords and building topical relevance.

I have never enjoyed building backlinks, and have always obeyed Google’s rules of staying away from it. I was naive, to say the least. This path had led me to learn the fundamental skills that make it possible to rank for keywords without backlinks. Once the backlink skills started to catch up, I was able to provide full-fledged SEO services to real clients.

On Healthy Ranking, I write about the trials and discoveries made from my tests, updates for projects I’m working on, and tips for aspiring SEO specialists.

If you’re looking for one-on-one advice about your rankings, contact me today for a consultation.