Ahrefs New Tool Helps With Internal Linking

Ahrefs has been making waves in 2020 as they roll out several new tools in quick succession. They have recently made a big splash with their Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) while also removing the price of a subscription to access some of their essential data.

Their newest addition is something that has me excited. The Link Opportunities tool provides an incredible upgrade to their already amazing site crawler.

What Does The Link Opportunities Tool Do?

The Link Opportunities tool will check every accessible page and cross reference their keyword rankings with other pages you have on your website. It will discover opportunities for you place internal links across your entire site.

The best part of this tool is that it will automatically find the source page, the keyword you should use as your anchor text, and the target page that is receiving the internal link.

Internal Linking

The benefits you receive from using internal links are too great to ignore. By linking all your pages together, you reap the rewards of multiple SEO ranking signals.

  • Give your entire site a huge boost in relevance
  • Increase keyword rankings seemingly overnight
  • Make your web pages easier to find for all search engines