how to change url without losing seo

How to Change URL Without Losing SEO

One question I’m often asked by my clients is whether or not they’re allowed to change the URL of a specific webpage. It’s totally understandable for a non-SEO to want to change a bunch of URLs around, but it’s one of the worst things you can do for your website’s traffic. When you’re optimizing any … Read more

How I Stay On Track With Daily Posting

One week ago, I started a project of setting a habit of posting daily on my niche sites. I’ve been kicking myself for being inconsistent with my posting. This is the kind of slacking that prevents my websites from growing. Last Monday, I set up a new process for myself to follow. There are a … Read more

Shopify’s Default Meta Descriptions Are Too Long

Sometimes its the little things that can trip up your SEO efforts. For the last few months, I’ve been working on a client’s e-commerce website that uses Shopify. One of the most frustrating issues that always needs fixing is the length of the meta description on every single page. I’ll get an email from Ahrefs … Read more

12 niche sites project

12 Niche Sites, 6 Months, $1,200 Passive Income

I’m starting a new project today. Over the last year or two, I’ve found myself creating far too many websites with zero follow-through. The result is that I’m sitting on (at least) a dozen niche sites that are ready to receive content. I have the tools and processes to grow these websites. I just haven’t … Read more

juggling too many websites

How Many Websites is Too Many?

I’ve always been the type to start a new project purely on impulse. Sometimes I’ll find a really lucrative keyword while I’m digging through Ahrefs’ keyword explorer tool and I’ll think how easy it would be to rank for such a keyword. The problem, usually, is that I don’t have a website in that niche. … Read more

new website launch checklist

Niche Website Launch Checklist (WordPress)

I have a problem. I create new niche websites way too often. Most of them go nowhere, but it helps me with the feeling that I’m missing out on a niche industry that has potential. My reasoning for creating new websites all the time is simple. New niche websites take 6-12 months to start ranking … Read more

how to write seo content that ranks

How to Write SEO Content That Ranks

When you’ve got the motivational juices flowing, its easy to publish lot of content. It’s even better if you manage to put together a long-form blog post every day, but if you’re not optimizing that content for SEO, it isn’t adding any value to your blog or website (at least from a ranking perspective). In … Read more

wordpress website hacked

Lost Traffic and Ranking From a Content Injection Hack

When I started using WordPress, I was warned about hacks, backdoors, and vulnerabilities. Supposedly it isn’t a big issue if you exercise some common sense. My experience with the platform was weak and I didn’t know what “common sense” for WordPress security was. Over the years, I’ve had multiple WordPress websites hacked, and each time … Read more

domain name basics

Website Setup: Domain Name Basics

A lot of new website owners struggle with picking the right domain name for their website. The actual name you go with has very little impact on the success of your site. So long as our domain name is somewhat relevant to what your website is about, you will be fine. Having a branded domain … Read more

web hosting basics

Website Setup: Hosting Basics

You can’t have a website without some sort of hosting service. A website host is a company that provides you with bandwidth on their servers. They will “host” your files on their server and assign your web address with an IP Address that people from around the world will be able to connect to. There … Read more