google index

Get Your Web Pages Indexed

Getting your web pages indexed is the lifeblood of getting your pages ranking on Google search. Google will have to scan your page, then decide if it is worthy of being shown in their search results. They have a pretty good system for keeping spam off the internet, and if you play by the rules, … Read more

google search console

Mandatory: Use Google Search Console

There is no question about whether or not you should be using Google Search Console. If you’re going to be doing any SEO work, this tool is paramount to your success. Why is it so important? With Google Search Console, you are basically hand-delivering your website to Google and telling them “My website exists!”. Without … Read more

keyword golden ratio worksheet

KGR Formula Sheet With Step by Step Guide

The Keyword Golden Ratio is a fairly common keyword research technique. It follows a simple formula and an action that can be easily replicated. When combined with a spreadsheet and a few crafty formulas, you can easily import hundreds or even thousands of keywords to start checking for low competition keywords. This method is heavily … Read more

internal linking by ahrefs

Ahrefs New Tool Helps With Internal Linking

Ahrefs has been making waves in 2020 as they roll out several new tools in quick succession. They have recently made a big splash with their Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) while also removing the price of a subscription to access some of their essential data. Their newest addition is something that has me excited. The … Read more